Picture1Alice has presented workshops for FOCUS Ministries on dating violence at the To Heal a Heart Family Violence Conference hosted by the Moody Church and the Ignite Shout Youth Leadership Conference.  Alice has also partnered with Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL to offer service opportunities and conducted workshops for students.  Her goal is to educate students, teachers, youth workers, churches and parents on how to prevent today’s youth from experiencing destructive relationships.

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We Will Not be Silent – The Importance of Teaching our Children About Healthy Relationships

Education is critical for both boys and girls, in helping prevent today’s youth from experiencing destructive relationships that will destroy their spirit. This workshop will provide insight into the importance of education and demonstrate how we can show our children God’s design for their relationships as well as their value according to Scripture.

God’s Design for Healthy Relationships                                                                                                       

This workshop will start the conversation on healthy relationships.  These conversations will empower our youth with critical knowledge and support while directing them towards better relationship choices.  By understanding God’s love for them, our youth can begin to seek a partner based on God’s ultimate design for relationships.

Everything I Learned About Dating and Relationships I Learned From…

Wait!  Prince Charming wasn’t perfect?  Between the fairy tales girls grow up believing and the overly sexualized and dramatized television shows and movies of today, no wonder their idea of dating is messed up.  This workshop will help expel the myths associated with believing in the “fairy tale”, and the danger of idolatrous dating.  We’ll identify the patterns of disrespect and destruction played out in so many of the relationships on the screen.  Young women need to see themselves for who they truly are in God’s eyes and understand why they are worthy of respect.

But Your Temper’s Just as Bad as Mine is

This workshop is aimed at today’s young men that are flooded with images of violence.  In today’s culture, aggression is often rewarded and respected while humiliating others is tolerated. Young men in sports are further encouraged to “win at all costs”, teaching them that compassion and empathy are a weakness.  With great power comes great responsibility, and this responsibility begins with truly understanding God’s design.  From there, they can learn how to accept responsibility and hold each other accountable for their actions.

Additional talks for special events or specific topics can be arranged.

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